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HNCA Cross-Border E-Trade and LuxFresh Project is Officially Launching

Release date:2015.01.23   Source:



HNCA Cross-Border E-Trade and LuxFresh Project is Officially Launching

Dual-Hub Strategy Has Entered into Further Development Phase


On 23th January, the launching ceremony for Cross-Border E-Trade and LuxFresh Project of HNCA was held in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone. The Vice-governor of Henan province Zhao Jiancai and the Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure of Luxembourg Fran?ois Bausch attended the ceremony and made speech. The launching of this Project symbolizes that, the cooperation of HNCA and Cargolux has extended to international trade from air transportation, achieved a breakthrough in cross-industry; and a leading cross-border e-trade platform ahs landed in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone. It is a milestone in the further development of our Dual-Hub Strategy and also marks the cooperation between us has expanded to the world from Air Silk Road.

Then the guests visited HNCA Cross-Border E-Trade Exhibition Centre.

The HNCA Logistics, a subsidiary of HNCA, is in charge of the Cross-Border E-Trade business. On the basis of cooperation between two parties, HNCA Logistics is making full use of the mature airline network and business resources of Cargolux, to seek for cooperation with forwarders, manufactures and other partners, and to get high-end supply chain. Meanwhile, HNCA Logistics has attempt to develop technology system and make nationwide leading cross-border e-commerce platform—“HTLUX”, to form “dual high-end” in online and offline service.

There are more than 1000 kinds of goods in HNCA Cross-Border E-Trade Exhibition Centre, including milk products special for noble, red wine in good quality, organic food with highest standard in EU and other produces. Consumers are able to purchase goods in baggage & postal articles-tax. The Dual-Hub Strategy has become the cooperation fulcrum between Henan and Europe. The lunching of LuxFresh Project expands the two sides’ collaboration from Air Silk Road to the world, and provides motivation for the trade and personnel exchanges between Henan and Europe.

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