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Zhang Mingchao Met with Fran?ois Bausch and His Delegation

Release date:2016.06.19   Source:

On 15th, June,Chairman of the Board of HNCA, Zhang Mingchao,held a meeting with Luxembourg Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure Fran?ois Bausch and his delegationduring the transport logisticChina in Shanghai.

Fran?ois Bausch got full knowledge of the exhibition and proposed that HNCA andCargoluxshall take this opportunity to go on further cooperation on the aviation logistics in order to make Zhengzhou the logistics hub in China and all over the world. Zhang said that HNCA andCargoluxjointly participation in the exhibition this time initiated a new era. He hoped for a closer relationship between HNCA andCargolux.

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