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Vice Governorof Henan Province Zhao Jiancai Met with Chairman of the Board of Cargolux, Paul Helminger

Release date:2016.12.08   Source:

On 5th, December, Vice Governor of Henan Province Zhao Jiancai met with Chairman of the Board of Cargolux, Paul Helminger in Zhengzhou. Chairman of HNCA,Zhang Mingchao attended the meeting.

Zhao Jiancai extended warm welcome to Paul Helminger and his delegation. He proposed that both parties shall continuously carry out “Dual-Hub” strategy and take full use of their advantages in order to promote the strategic cooperation in economy, culture and tourism between Henan Province and Luxembourg.

Paul Helmingerstated that Cargolux was willing to support the further development of HNCA based on its airfreight network. WithZhengzhou as the strategy hub in China, Cargolux intended to establish its own airfreight network in Asia. Cargolux would go on implementing “Dual- Hub”strategy andcooperate with HNCA in order to further promote the development of both parties.

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